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Daily Prep

Our prep is created by YOU, the talent - not by us giving you what we think you should have. You'll share ideas with the best morning shows across the country. Our motto is "you've got to give good prep to get good prep."  You'll also get the daily BitBoard Archives Report - evergreen ideas combed from our years and years of archives that you can dust up and give new life right from your show.  There may be few 'new ideas', but there are certainly new ways to do 'em!!

Daily Dose

Daily Dose Showbiz - your one stop for the latest entertainment / pop culture news items,,, what today's hottest celebrities are up to, as well as what's happening in the TV, Movie and Music industries.

Daily Dose Sports - keeps you up on every sport from the NFL to the WWE with game recaps, team shakeups and the latest hijinks those rowdy athletes have been pulling.

Daily Dose WTF - It may SEEM like all the crazy criminals live in Florida, but actually every state has their share. WTF is a collection of all those oddball and viral stories that everybody at the office is talking about.  Now you can be the first to let them know.

Daily Dose Potpourri - 13 Deal Breakers on the First Date, 6 Ways to a Flat Tummy in 10 days, Tell-Tale Signs You're Being Catfished - We've collected - and continue to collect - every study, poll, hot-button topic and viral video your listeners will be talking about - along with Phoners for you to throw out to them to get their feedback...

and tons more!

Searchable Archives

Explore our vault of almost 20 years of daily prep. Find those evergreen bits that never fail.

Planning Calendar

Browse the calendar of the upcoming month's calendar of events as well as celebrity birthdays. Did you know September is "Pleasure Your Mate" month? Or that July is "National Dog House Repairs" month?

Holiday Bit Files

Having a hard time coming up with an idea for "National Grandparents'" Day? Need a list of One Hit Wonders for "National One Hit Wonder" Day? We've got you covered with pages and pages of ideas from your fellow Bitboard members through the years.


To our long-long-long-time friend and BitBuddy Jim Mantel for his induction into the Country Radio Hall of Fame!!

Check out Jim's acceptance speech at his induction.  Not only is he an awesome Morning Radio Personality, he's a MASTER Storyteller!  Even in the dark!!!



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