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    ace & tj
    interviewed by Steve Harmon 

    Ace and TJ are in Charlotte, North Carolina. I met them in New Orleans at BOOT CAMP in 1996, I think. Ace had long hair and I thought for a moment he wanted to kick my ass! TJ was a little thinner, I thought, this guy is keeping up with Jeff and Kidd on the funniest lines I have ever heard. I actually remember thinking  good-god they are gonna be stars.

    Harmon: Single? Married? Kids?

    ACE:  Wife - Shonnette.  Daughter - Payton 2 ½ years old.  Second baby due in October

    TJ:  Wife - Jodi.  Daughter - Lanie 20 months.

    Harmon: First radio job?

    ACE:  KLSU at Louisiana State University.  “The Steel Circus” Midnight to 3am Saturday nights. 

    TJ:  KVCL – Winnfield, LA, 3000 Watt AM/FM combo, New Country in the morning, Classic Country in the midday, and Hair Bands at night! 

    Harmon: Worst moment in your life you can think of ?

    TJ:  When I was 8 my older brother and I had been visiting family friends for a week when they brought us back to my grandparents house.  All of our stuff was there and my mom said, “Boys, I’ve hired a private investigator…..”

    Harmon: Other jobs outside of radio?

    ACE:  Yes.

    TJ:  Yes.

    Harmon: Who did you listen to growing up for inspiration?

    ACE & TJ:  Scott Shannon, Shadow Steele, Mason Dixon.  Kidd and Jeff & Jer and other Bitboarders after we were grown to the present.  Our local DJ’s in Alexandria, LA Hollywood Harrison, Uncle Larry, Steve Casey, and Too Smooth Tony Grove.

    Harmon: Would you ever consider another market?

    ACE:  We would consider just about anything. 

    Harmon: Best part of the show?

    TJ:  Bein’ famous.

    Harmon: Best Bit from Bitboard you wish you had thunk up yourself?

    ACE & TJ:  The Misfits Trip.

    Harmon: What’s wrong with Radio today?

    ACE:  . Too much bureaucracy, not enough fun.

    TJ:  I only get to listen to myself four measly hours out of the day.

    Harmon: Best radio show noBODY knows about yet?

    TJ:  The Ace & TJ Show

    Harmon: How did you two get together?

    TJ:  We grew up an hour apart but both ended up working for the cool station in the area.  The station didn’t pay us enough to live but they put us in a trade apartment together.  After getting to know each other we decided that we wanted to be a morning team.  We begged the owners of the station to give us a chance, but they thought we were only night jocks and would never do well in the mornings.  Every other member of the staff quit and they had no other choice but to let us do mornings. 

    Harmon: What part does your producer play in your show?

    ACE:  Always there to bring us down.  Delivers the bad news first.  Manages to find the black cloud in the silver lining.

    TJ:  Basically, keeps things fun and upbeat.

    Harmon: Any other shows you love listening to?

    TJ:  All other shows. You can always find something entertaining and something educational from every show no matter who they are.  Whether it is something that you hear them do that you want to steal or something you hear them do that is so bad you want to stay completely away from it. 

    Harmon: Are you playing more or less music these days?

    TJ:  Less music from artists more music from ourselves.  Because I can play the spoons pretty well, and Ace is a big time singer.  From national recording artists, we play about one song an hour.

    Harmon: How has your show changed since 9/11?

    TJ:  It hasn’t changed at all, because if it changed that would mean that the terrorist have won.

    Harmon: What are you best known for in your market?

    ACE:  Helpin’ people.

    How do you decide what topics and bits get on the air?

    TJ:  That all depends on how much time is left in the song.

    Name the magazines you use most in prepping your show and why.

    ACE:  People, Cosmo, Men’s Health, Maxim, US Weekly – they are all pop culture related

    TJ:  The Limbaugh Letter, National Review, Human Events, and The Dr. Laura perspective – because all those other ones are communist/socialist rags. 

    Harmon: What’s your biggest challenge?

    ACE:  Beating the traffic home.

    TJ:  Staying fresh and not becoming too predictable. 

    Harmon: Do you use “characters” on your show?  If so, describe.

    TJ:  No.

    Harmon: How do you feel about “benchmarks” these days?

    TJ:  Benchmarks are good, scheduled bits don’t work for us.

    ACE:  For example, we do “Stupid News” every day, but it floats, it’s not at the same time everyday.

    TJ:  That way if someBODY is on the road from 7:00-7:20 they don’t think that all we ever do is Stupid News.

    Harmon: What’s your best contract perk and what contract perk will you go for next time?

    ACE & TJ:  It stipulates that our entire show gets to go to BFD and Boot Camp every year. 

    For all the hype its no surprise that most of us know a  good producer is essential to today's morning shows ... a GREAT producer can get you an extra point and press you can't buy. Ace and TJ have a great one:
    Producer "Yankee Pete" Herrick was doing afternoons at KQID in Alexandria when Ace & TJ were doing mornings in '94.  In 1995, they all went their separate ways, but when Ace & TJ finally got a job where the budget let them hire a producer, they brought Pete on board in late 1997.

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