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brian pierce
brian & kellie

How long have you two been a team and how did you meet?

We've been together on air 9 years. I've been here 10.  Kellie is PD, and took the morning position after 2 failed partners.  After 2 years we married.  The show immediately took off.

"My best time on the air was when __________" 

I've been at this 28 years.  I have hundreds of "best times".  I'd say goofing off with Jerry Seinfeld on my walkie talkies when I was at WZOU/Boston.  I gave Jerry 15 -$1 bills.  He then went to the street to give them away one at a time, with the line, "Hi I'm Jerry.  I'm a comedian.  Here's a dollar for your trouble".

How do you prep your show? 

The internet has changed everything.  I used to prep like Holly Hunter in Broadcast News.  Now I prep 2-3 hours each afternoon the moment I get home.  I work just one day ahead.  I go in with 40 things, and use 10.

Describe your show to someone who has never heard it. 

Classic full service adult radio.  I learned the biz in the 70's from guys who really knew the score.  We hit just about every emotion each morning.  When we're "on" we can't be touched.  When we're "off" we're smart enough to not push it.  We have shoes that have been in the business longer than most of the talent in this market.

"The best BitBoard bit we ever used was....."

Probably one I contributed. 

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