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Brian & Joe

The Brian & Joe Radio Show on Mix 106.5
6200 Oak Tree Boulevard
Cleveland, Ohio 44131

Harmon: Why don't you two interview each other, I think that would be FUN!


Who is the funniest guy you ever worked with?

Uh…..I guess I'm suppose to say you.   Yeah… that I think about it…. You….We've worked together for 15 years and I've known you for 22 years!!
Lotsa laughs in all that time.   Sweet relish!!  You are old!!  

Are you tired of me yet?

Today - no.  Yesterday - yes!  A full show, 3 meetings and a gig last night.  (By the way, did we get paid? You owe me $500 bucks!) Will I be tired of you tomorrow - we'll see.   Being serious - you are the best.  You have given me more laffs and good times than people have in 5 lifetimes.

What do you need more of from me as a partner?

Besides the $500 bucks you owe me?
Learn some actors' names - learn (and watch!) a top ten show!!  You spend too much time watching SpongeBob Square Pants!!

What's the dumbest thing I ever did on the air?

<Harmon: Good Question!>….I would say when you dropped the needle on the Monty Python Record after you said " I know this record forward and backwards" and then John Cleese went on our airwaves and pointed out all the nasty "unairable" words that were contained on the album….the "S" word….the "F" word….even the "C" word!!!  Notice I didn't ask you that question… don't answer it!

Can you loan me $20,000 for an in-ground pool?

Just as soon as we go number one and get that big FAT bonus!!!

Why can't we hit any of our bonuses?

Here…pick one:
Because we don't get enough marketing.
Because we play too much music.
Because we are going against two heritage stations.
Because we are not Funny or Entertaining.
Because it was a bad diary sample.
Because Da Man is keeping us down.  (number 16 in fact.)

Are you jealous that my name comes first in the show title?

Again it's strictly alphabetical!!!  Plus more things rhyme with "Joe".  The Brian & Joe Radio Show!!  Has a nice ring to it huh?  What Rhymes with Brian?  Dyin???  I can just hear it
It's Joe & Brian!!  My radio's Dyin!!  

What internet site do you like visiting for possible show prep?

What is this?  A real question??  Ok…I'll bite.
I'm a search engine freak!  I don't rely on one site or a few sites for material or info.  This way no one can trace my steps.  I type in mostly on and compile stuff piece by piece..<well except for you Harmon and GAGA>

How many endorsements do you currently have going on right now ….and what are they?

Lets see…
Norris Auto Mall
Bucca di Beppo
Vermont Teddy Bear
Capitol Home Mortgage
Pearl Vision

What are you willing to commit to in the next book to make our show even better?

Oh No….you're not getting me on this one again!!!
Last time I answered this I actually had to do show prep and be funny.  No way pal!  Not this time.  (By the way - you owe me $500!)


Brian, do you like your current partner?

Yes.  He is a great friend.  He would do anything for me.  Sometimes it's creepy when we both think of the same idea or joke.   He's talented in different area's than I am, which really adds to the show.  Very musically inclined.  Comes up with great parody songs.  And he can put my warped idea's to music as well ..
If you want a tape and resume … please email me at

How long has it been since you used any original material?

Uhhhh  …What year did Bitboard first come on to the radio scene?

What was the dumbest bit in your mind but still very successful on the air?

Great question … I'm stumped.  We do a lot of dumb things that become successful …. yet I can't think of one to save my life.  For years on Friday we would play that game "Guess What's In My Hand?"  The listeners  could only ask yes or no questions.  People loved it.  And if they got to work before it was figured out, our midday girl and afternoon jock would be inundated with phone calls to find out what it was in our hand.

What is the worst thing about you?

I am way more talented than I want anyone to know.  Radio is my easy out.

Do you have any unsightly BODY markings?

I have skin tags on my arm.  More than I care to mention.  Once, when I lost a large amount of weight .. there were stretch marks on my stomach. They finally went away … (after I regained the weight)

If you could change (or change back) something about radio what would it be?

Bring back the program directors that thought there was a benefit to broadcasting from tropical resorts.
More expensive free crap from record company's and promotional companies.
The fear of not knowing how to run an EBS test.

Is it true you are sleeping with your former promotion director?

Yes.  Not only has this career offered me a wonderful life … it found me my wonderful wife! My wife Holly and I worked together for five years in Akron at WONE.  She was the promotions director … it's great to have a wife who understands my role at a bar gig.  Drink a lot and talk to attractive women.

Finish the phrase...Let's face it... you really should  be making a living by doing....

Professional gambler … ask Joe.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  

An old, healthy, young at heart, senior citizen with no  regrets.

Explain how the rating system works...

It's Arbitron ….  People arbitrarily try and recall what they listened to all week on the day the diary is due to be mailed back …

Harmon: There ya have it Brian and Joe In their own Words!

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