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In the spotlight....

Cash & Kari
with Benjie

Interviewed by Steve Harmon

At some point in my career Evans gave away a car we did not have and was fired, so I worked for a year or two.. how long was it? With Cash Connors.. who we now find at The Cash & Kari Morning Show  104.7 WZZK. They promise "You'll love their easy-going style as they jumpstart your workday with a 105 Minute Commercial Free Music Marathon starting at 8:30. It's the Most Country Music Guaranteed! "


Harmon: Describe your cast and members..

Cash: Family guy, Miss Lisa & 3 daughters – loves country music, the listeners, and the outdoors.  Likes to buy concert tickets for soldiers and marines. Enjoys the small town fundraisers more than the big civic center events.

Kari is Alabama country gal who will call Bull#$%^ when you she hears it. Loves to cook, and DANCE!!!  Single gal who has never really had to break up with a fella - they just “give out”. She’s full of energy, land LOVES to FISH!!!


Harmon: What's the worst job you've ever had outside of radio that reminded you what spoiled moneymakers we can be?

Cash: Can’t say that I had a bad job. I am a real estate broker now, (work with my wife) but I like that too.   I did work at FilmHouse in Nashville for a few years, but with all radio clients, and I liked that. I’ve been doing mornings since West Georgia College and the money has been good. But, with the real estate option in place for the last 5 years, I’ve been able to continue to do what I love – a morning show.

Kari: Working at a convenience store for 7 years and finding all those little prizes in the bathroom!


Harmon: At ten o'clock, how do you know it was a good show?

Kari: It feels like it’s still 6 ish. We’re so busy in the moment that it flies by without effort.

Cash: Kari wakes me up…and tells me that felt good?


Harmon: What's your biggest challenge day to day?

Kari: The sleep schedule.

Cash: Really, it is making the most of our time. Making sure our efforts are focused on the show, and our audience. 
We just have to balance and pace our schedules as we go, but remain flexible.


Harmon: Give an example of a day you "owned the market".

Cash: We felt like it after the first book. We caught a break and came out on top. Does that every really happen? 
It did here in one book.

Kari: Every time a listener calls and says thank you, or they just love the show. That lifts us up and we tell them so!


Harmon: How do you use the Internet in marketing your show?

Cash: I can say without question this station - our insane PD Justin Case, and Smilin Ted our internet guy have the BEST updated and LISTENER friendly internet program in the country. One of my old stations (2 jobs ago) still has my pictures on it from 6 YEARS AGO.

Our site is updated every morning and often times during the show if we just mention something important to listeners.  
Kari and I refer listeners to the site for any and all intimate details for useful information from high school football to Microsoft patch fixes, and soldier support links.  Our listeners interact with the station (and US) directly through our web site. It’s awesome!


Harmon: Do you find results in ratings from your internet work?

Cash: We think all the marketing comes together to help our ratings, by way of our relationships with listeners...and we certainly have the numbers and contact information from our web site to share with advertisers. Listeners know we read their emails, we do many on the air, and reply to all of them.


Harmon: How many endorsements do you currently have going on right now?

Cash: 1 (3 just expired)  We are now limited to 4…Kari had 5 at one time (too many) and do not take on any client just because he/she has a check.

Kari: 2 (2 just expired)


Harmon: Pet Peeve?

Kari: People in the 10 items line with a buggy full.

Cash: When people get to make a choice to be nice, or be hateful. And they pick the latter.


Harmon: Person on your last nerve?

Cash: Kari

Kari: This guy I know (Cash)


Harmon: Have you tried our Daily Dose yet on Bitboard?
Kari: Up to now, we have stuck to today’s prep and phone topics.   I’ll check it out too!


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