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dave sposito
dave and ken - the breakfast boys

interviewed by Steve Harmon 

How long have you been in your market?

I have been here 9 years currently... but off and on in this market for about 14 years.

How did you two get together?

The other guy that I was put with wasn't very good... and Ken was the program director and jumped in.

Is one of you "a boss"?

Ken is the PD of the station... and has been the whole time ...

How does the other handle that?

There are not many challenges ... I get to do what I want (for the most part) in mornings.

What part does your producer play in your show?

Right now, our producer is the only other person we have working on the show... she is also 21 and female ... so that helps relate to the demo.

How has she changed your show?

She has helped us be "hipper" and lets us know about things that are important to that gender and age.

Any other shows you love listening to?

Jeff-n-Jer...  Kraddick (although, I haven't heard him in awhile)... 99X with Jimmy Baron... Ace and TJ... are a few of many.  I actually love listening to anyone... and ... everyone I can.  I have great respect for guys that have done it for a long time and are not just riding a wave of popularity.

Are you playing more or less music these days?

We are slowly playing less and less.  We are down to about 5-6 songs an hour.

How has your show changed since 9/11?

It's probably "nicer"... even though we were pretty mild BEFORE 9-11.  9-11 STILL gets referenced every morning on the show.

Your thoughts on radio and the world...

It's a shrinking business for guys like me.  I like the market I'm in... and I know that someday syndication will rule everywhere.  I've added a local talk show in addition to the morning show that helps my stability... and standing within the company... and market.  It's my own way of syndicating without actually leaving the market.

We're getting sued by Rick Rockwell...  Is that anything.  We did a "Brokaw" call on him a year and a half ago... and he got pissed.  We have fooled George Bush, Katie Couric, Peter Jennings, Jay Leno, Diane Sawyer and hundreds others... but Rockwell is the only one that didn't like the joke... so he is suing.  He wants 100,000 dollars!  Loser!

Despite our worst book in 7 years... we still were number one 18-34 ... and have been top three in 27 straight books.  Our station was number two last book... but we had been number one for 14 out of 16 books.

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