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Fisher & Laura
Salt Lake City

Interviewed by Steve Harmon

Harmon: Laura, you just started in radio last a morning host in your 30s.  What did you do before this? 

Laura: I spent most of my previous career years designing and training on telephone systems.  When the traveling became too much I took the job I had always wanted, teaching drama. I taught theatre and English Lit classes at a private school for 4 years.

Fisher: Nothing as fun for sure.

Harmon: In order, name the three co-hosts you've most enjoyed working with.

Laura:   Fisher, Mikee and Fisher. (Mike Nelson has filled in a few times, and I couldn't leave him out.) Fisher's a major Diva!

Fisher: Can a guy be a Diva?

Harmon: What makes you the happiest about your radio career?

Laura: The variety of things we do that both entertains or touches the community. 

Fisher:  Watching Laura do those community things while I watch Friends.

Harmon: As a radio newby, what do you think is the strangest thing about this business that you never would have thought possible?

Laura: Iíd say the fact that DJís really donít play peopleís requests, also the rating system, thatís pretty funky. The biggest thing would have to be the fact that I used to listen to Fisher when I was in high school and I thought "Man, he is so cool!" and now Iím his partner. THAT is one thing I never imagined was possible.

Harmon: What is your favorite animal?

Fisher: Prize pigs.  

Laura: Definitely P1s

Harmon: What do you miss most about school teaching?

Laura:  Silly things like walking into the school and hearing "Laura!"  from elementary kids to high school seniors. Seeing the change in students through the course of a play: from first audition to closing night curtain call "itís amazing," and very rewarding!

Harmon: If you hadnít been a DJ, you owned a time machine and could travel back in time and change your past what would you be doing?

Fisher: The voice of the NY Mets. Okay, they suck now.  But just wait.

Harmon: What's been your most embarrassing moment so far?

Fisher:  Geena Davis making a comment about the "lingerie scene" in Stuart Little 2, and I didnít catch it. She was making fun of me and I was too stupid to pick up on it..till MUCH later.

Harmon: If you could interview any one person, who cares about the listeners, who would it be?

Laura:  Are we talking time travel? I would have to say Helen Keller. She had a great life, and a unique perspective. I have always admired her greatly. 

Harmon: Who was your favorite radio interview?

Fisher: Paul McCartney. After six minutes with Paul Iíve never felt intimidation by any celebrity since, including Elton John and President Bush. He was my favorite Beatle, and made me completely at ease.

Harmon: You play music on your show?

Fisher:  I think of the songs as being like lug nuts. Guys put them on the wheels on the assembly line in Detroit. They donít care what car theyíre working on, or what color. Whatever shows up in the order they put them on, whatever research says, we play them.

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