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the morning freak show
Tampa Bay
WLLD - WiLD 98.7

What are you best known for in your market?

Being the wildest, most off-the-wall station that says whatever the
listeners have on their we say 'bitch' and 'ass' a lot. We are off the hizzle, my nizzle and that's for shizzle.

Name the magazines you use most in prepping your show and why. 

Cosmo, Maxim, Penthouse, AssMasters, Swank...besides personal usage, they have true-to-life scenarios that we can relate to along with our listeners: great phones. Plus, some of them are stuck to Orlando's hand, so they have to come in the studio.

What's your biggest challenge?

Riding the dump button because our listeners are ghetto fabulous.

Do you use "characters" on your show? If so, describe.

We are all pretty much characters, we only sway from those if we stop taking our meds...

"The best BitBoard bit we ever used was....."

The best stunt we ever did was an imitation of the 'Finish Line' commercial. We had our street goons out on Bayshore which is popular with morning runners. They followed the runners with a radio blasting the Rocky theme. Talk about great audio. They almost got their asses beat. Tee hee.

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