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Greg and the Morning Buzz


Interviewed by Steve Harmon

Harmon: This team I met years ago at BFD and love to death. For BFDers, Greg is that guy that looks like Tony Soprano .. oh THAT TEAM!! Jeanmarie sits at tables with 10 guys and gives them no break day after day .. gotta love her!

Harmon: Describe your show and cast.

Greg:  Greg and the Morning Buzz can best be described as a bunch of friends hanging out shooting the shit.  Sometimes we can be edgy,  sometimes serious,  sometimes just downright silly.  But we're always honest.   We don't have silly characters,  or fake phone pranks.  We talk about anything our listeners talk about.  We're very phone active - with guests on the local and national level,  and key involvement of our audience.  We are a "rock" show in the sense that we may play a  couple of records an hour - and the sensibility fits a rock show - but we aren't assholes.  I do not subscribe to the theory that you have to act like an asshole to be a rock show.  That's bunk.

We always treat our listeners with respect- because I believe if you treat them that way- they will return in kind.  We will - however -  be mean to each other!  

Our show is all about balance...  Each person brings something different to the table- and each appeals to a different segment of the audience.  Im kind of the Dad- the pilot that steers thru the mayhem.  Blacksmith is the chauvinist, stripper loving, alpha male -  who thinks he's way smarter than he is.   Jeanmarie is the opposite- she's the annoying girl in school who always had her hand up first because she knew the answer.  Roadkill is the wise-ass kid who can cut you to shreds verbally- but is a pussy when it comes to real life.  Kelly- our news guy- is a straight laced news guy with a dark side, and a gambling habit. We laugh,  we fight,  we beat the shit out of each other, but mostly - its like hanging out with your best friends just shooting the shit.  We try to weave the elements together to form a nice balance-  and so far so good...

Harmon: How long in your market and how did it spread so BIG?

Greg: The show became "Greg and The Morning Buzz" about 6 yrs ago. Before that I had been doing mornings on just WHEB since 1987.  As The Buzz, we spread out to WGIR, Rock 101 in Manchester NH,  and a little later to Rock 93.9 and 101.7 up in Northern NH and VT.  We cover all of NH,  down into Boston (and yeah- we show up in the arb's down there...),  up to Portland ME, and into VT.  So - its not exactly a small area.  In one sense - its been a long trip - in  another,  its gone by like a flash...

Harmon: An example of a day when you all owned the market.

Greg: There's been a few - thank God!  One of the more recent was the day we hung a Peugeot (that a listener donated to us) from a crane over Manchester and dropped it during France's refusal to help us in Iraq.  TV coverage, newspaper- the whole deal.  Everyone was talking about it.  There was 2 weeks ago when we gave out 5000 mullet wigs at a Manchester Monarchs AHL game  and brought in the Hanson Brothers to induct them in to the fictitious Mullet Hall of Fame (people waited in line 2 hrs before game time and we got national tv coverage, and people were offering $100 a ticket to get in! The arena sold out 10,000 seats).

Harmon: How do you use the internet in marketing your show?

Greg:  We use our site as an extension of our show.  We do giveaways there,   we update info there,  and we post clips that listeners request.  The way I look at it, it's the pictures to go along with the sounds our listeners hear every morning.   but then again, what the hell do I know? I'm a friggin dj!

Harmon: What's your biggest challenge?

Greg: The biggest challenge we face is keeping things fresh.   I believe we do that-  but it's always a challenge.  With some exceptions - I try not to tread where we've gone before - and that makes for a lot of pressure.  I would also say that consistency is a constant challenge.   I know that not every show can be a "home run" - but that's what we should strive for.  Bottom line is I'm our worst critic.   We don't need a pd to tell me if we had a shitty show because nobody feels it more than us. After a less than stellar show,  I always feel the added pressure of making sure then next show isn't like that.  Sometimes it can get to me- and that's when i have to unplug- and do something real-  like spend the night NOT working on show prep- and concentrate on my kids.  That seems to always straighten me out-  but bouncing back from a bad show is always a challenge.

At 10am, how do you know it was a good show?

Greg:  Because it seems like the show just started - and before you know it- its over.  When we have a killer show-  the energy level is so high- that when it stops,  i feel like i need to lay the f*** down because I'm exhausted!  There's no better feeling than knowing you just nailed it.......and it would be great if the day just ended right there- because it aint gonna get any better than that.  At work, at least....

Harmon: The Best Bitboard Bit You Ever Used Was...

Greg: Man- there has been so many its tough to say!  I know we used the "Walking Naked" thing back in 90 or 91 and that was huge.  Especially for that time because we were the only ones stunting then and it created huge street talk.  Another one was when we sent out stunt guy out to test out an electric dog collar -  that too was early 90's.

We've also had a stunt get get his arms stuck inside a cow he was artificially inseminate too - and I might have gotten that one from Bitboard.   The Peugeot drop from last year was a Dwyer and Michaels rip off that I took from Bitfest (thanks guys!).  And one we've used recently that works very well for us is one we call "Three Point Conversion" -  where we have a prize we're registering people for - and we take three callers on air at one time.  Each gets a question, and if they are correct, then we move to the next caller.  If they all answer their question right,  then they all get in on the grand prize.  But if one of em gets it wrong - they ALL lose.  Its great to hear them cheer another caller on- then bash the shit out of them if they get it wrong.....too funny.

BFD 10 was the BEST, but if I could change one thing,  it would be: 

Greg: I guess i would say - leave a little time for a break/nap right after lunch.  I know it sounds puny to suggest-  but so many people there are used to taking a quick nap during the mid day- that it throws them all off if they don't get it.  Maybe if we shorten lunch up a little -  leave a little time after so those who want could crash-   then we could just extend the seminars a little later into the early evening instead of calling it a day at 4pm  (maybe till 6 or so).    It doesn't matter to me-  but it seemed to make sense  when everybody else was saying it....< I actually left lunch and crashed for 40 minutes .. imagine me,  Harmon, NOT eating .. that's how much I needed that time .. so its a GREAT suggestion>

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