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JD & the Wake Up Crew
West Palm Beach

Interviewed by Steve Harmon

I really can't say when I first met JD, but he has been a great Bitboard member for years and years. His work ethic is second to very few, and he will spend his own money to make a bit or stunt go the way his vision of it is. Check his website for great bit ideas at  Its JD, Jennifer, Bill & Tiny

Harmon: JD, how did you end up in West Palm Beach?

JDI got here in 1996 after working at KLDE in Houston where I did the morning show and weekend weather for NBC's KPRC-TV. Before that, I had stints in Chicago, Sacramento, Springfield, Illinois and Davenport, Iowa.

Harmon: Who's on your team?

I truly have the best staff right now that I've ever had. (NO Harmon, you can't call any of them and offer them jobs!) Seriously, Bill Adams is the best damn news guy on the face of the planet. Jennifer is the most creative female on radio. Tiny (our producer) must be Tommy Sablan's son!

Harmon: BFD 2003 is Florida bound. What's it like doing Country in South Florida?

:   Well, try catering to everyBODY from Donald Trump, Celine Dion, Rod Stewart and Jimmy Buffett to guys who haul garbage in the swamp in Belle Glade! That's a snapshot of our audience. We'll do a benefit at Bud Paxon's (PAX-TV) Casa Nana one weekend on Palm Beach and host the Swamp Buggy Races the next!

Harmon: How would you describe your show?

We're a very contemporary show that just happens to play country music. Our prep and stunts get us more TV time and press than any other station in the market! It's like this. I suck. So, I surround myself with brilliant people to make up for my inadequacies!

Harmon: What's the one thing you wish you HADN'T done on air?

A 50-minute music hour after 9:00 a.m.!

Harmon: What's the coolest thing you've done on the air?

JDI bought the $250 million dollar Palm Beach Courthouse for $5.00 with a personal check. Every year we broadcast live from the courthouse (which they've since renamed "JD's Palm Beach County Courthouse") on the anniversary of the purchase and hands out free donuts to everyone.

Harmon: JD, what do you think are your best/worst qualities?

Jennifer & Bill
: Oh, we got this one!!
Worst -- OVERLY anal about being on-time! In JD's world, 8:00 a.m. means 4:00 a.m. (honestly). We're having visions of the time we sat in the Nashville Airport for FIVE count 'em FIVE hours to make sure we made our flight! The plus-side to this is that if we get to an event and JD's NOT there, we know we're either in the wrong place, something's not right, or JD is in for some major flack on the air.
Best -- JD, is a good leader and a fun guy to work with.

Harmon: Most memorable experience as a group?

Sleeping together in L.A.... they only booked one room for ALL of us!

I am proud to say after 16 years together, Harmon and Evans never slept in the same room for any reason, at any time. Thanks Team, for working so hard and sharing your best  stuff with us on Bitboard.

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