In the spotlight....

Johnson & Johnson
(Tommy & Joe)
K-Bull 93fm
Salt Lake City

Interviewed by Steve Harmon

Harmon: What would CRS, CMA, BFD, ACM, um Bootcamp be without the smiles from our longtime successful friends Johnson and Johnson...although to fess up I can never remember which is which and still just say HI BOYS!

Harmon: Lets re-visit and refresh us all on how you found each other and came together on air and update your team! Current show staff..station..that kind of thing..

Dave: We were paired up in late '93 in Pittsburgh. Tommy - who'd previously taken Z-93 in Dayton to number one - was promoted to mornings. He needed a partner and Joe was the only candidate inexperienced and cheap enough to know what he was signing up for! Fast forward to now: 16 years later. We're at K-Bull 93 in Salt Lake City, doing the same show with the help of the very capable Matti "Matt" Ramone, Sandy Beach with news and General Gridlock with traffic.

Harmon: Harmon: How long in your market?.

Dave: We've been here since September of 1997

Harmon: Harmon: What does it take to stay in a market for a long time and still be fresh?.

Dave: As long as a show relies on the local and national current events, trends, happenings, and tries to talk about what everyone here is talking about ... it's not an issue because that way, the show is constantly fresh and evolving anyway

Harmon: Coolest thing about your city?

Dave: Right now - the coolest thing about Salt Lake is that we have two local finalists on American Idol (and rumors of an Osmond getting called BACK to American Idol), two Utah natives on Dancing With The Stars, one local on Survivor, a Utah contestant who's just come home from The Bachelor and we're the home of all 3 High School Musical movies.

Harmon: Radio star in your city you loved growing up listening to?

Dave: Tommy grew up in D.C. and didn't realize how lucky he was. He's heard the legendary DC 101 shows of Stern and all the classic Don & Mike. He had WPGC and also got to hear "The Greaseman" whenever he wanted. Joe grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and listened to Gary Burbank in the afternoons.

Harmon: Harmon: Positive things about today's Radio?

Dave: Streaming. With a few keystrokes, you can listen to nearly any show, anywhere. It's a great tool to hear fresh ideas or new techniques from shows who really have their act together.

Harmon: Harmon: What time do you get to the studio? How much prep happens before you even leave the house?

Dave: After 16 years together, we both STILL show up at 4 am sharp. We go through our local paper & USA Today and a stack of show prep 2 inches thick. All the while, watching the 10'clock news from the night before to find out what we and the newspapers, missed. At home we go through another local paper, watch Idol or Dancing With The Stars or whatever is hot and local - at the time, and both of us make notes about "the day."

Harmon: What's your biggest challenge?

Dave: There are 5 country music stations in Salt Lake City, including ours, in this - the most over-radioed city in the USA.

Harmon: Do you eat during the show?  How do you try to stay in shape? Do you try?

Dave: Tommy eats an apple every morning around 7. He then eats a peanut butter bar around 8.
Joe eats a 6 dollar burger from Carl's Jr. around 9. (All true)
How do we stay in shape? Next question.

Harmon: At ten o'clock or whenever you get off, how do you know it was a "good" show?

Dave: When every line is STILL blazing and we ... are ... exhausted

Harmon: Amount of time with PD every day?

Dave: About 20 minutes a day, over the phone. (And it's never about the show but instead ... it's about some girl he puked on at a party back at SDSU, or the night he spent in a Mexican jail, or last -Thursday - when he was "feeling up for it" and asked one of us to have an argument with him.)

Harmon: "The best BitBoard bit we ever tried was....."

Dave: Can You Drink a Gallon of Milk Challenge
And ...
The Big Thank You.

Harmon: Wish more people on Bitboard would....?

Dave: ... talk more about what they did on their shows and go into more detail about how they executed their stuff on the air.

<<PERFECT answer!  People, take note!.  -Philip>>

Harmon: When the room's tense how do you break the tension?

Dave: Drawing Joe Tummy Art. Find out more at

Harmon: How do you like this years re-design of Philips Daily Dose?

Dave: Inventive, captivating and fun. A great read. The feel good hit of the 2008 - 09!

<<Okay... you haven't really seen it, have you...  -Philip>>

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