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In the spotlight....

Kevin and Virginia with Jason
WLDI (Wild 95.5)
West Palm Beach

Interviewed by Steve Harmon

Can we all think back to the late 90s and the BFD Dallas where we first met this lovely fun show .. Big Balls and Virginia ... well they weren't a team yet .. but they hit it off so well .. Lets Check in with West Palm Beach

Harmon: Describe your cast and members.

Kevin: We have three people on-air and an off-air producer. Two off us are local; two of us are not. Two of us are parents; two of us are not. All of us are completely different people.

Harmon: How long together?

Kevin: Virginia and I have been together for 8 1/2 years. Jason joined the show about 4 years ago. We have a new producer that has been in the family on and off for two years.

Harmon: Person on your last nerve?

Kevin: It changes from day to day!

Harmon: How do you keep it together on days when the show seems to be going nowhere?

Kevin: We usually fall back to the basics that we know work and we can execute well. For us, it's hitting pop culture stuff and showing our insecurities by ripping much-better looking celebrities apart.

Harmon: How do get the most hits on your webpage?

Kevin: We usually take our clothes off. You don't have to be hot or have a good body to get web hits. Naked always works! Why do you think so many people go on-line for porn?

Harmon: What's the worst job you've ever had outside of radio that reminded you what spoiled moneymakers we can be?

Kevin: How do I respond if my worst job was radio? <You just did.>

Harmon: At ten o'clock or <whenever your done...> how do you know it was a good show?

Kevin: We are all smiling and still laughing. I don't think that we're ever certain that we've had a great show, but the ones we enjoy seem to be the ones that the listeners talk about the most.

Harmon: Do you try to work in items from the morning paper?

Kevin: We go with the most interesting and hottest things going on that morning. If the hottest thing happens to be something that happened locally, then we definitely put it in.

Harmon: What's your biggest challenge day to day?

Kevin: Coming up with new ideas and material that is fresh and entertaining.

Harmon: Give an example of a day you "owned the market".

Kevin: I can't really say, because I honestly don't pay any attention to what the other shows in town are doing. I'm sure that there are days that we have "owned the market" but to me, that's the job we're supposed to be doing every single day.

Harmon: The "Internet" how much time do you spend on internet features from

Kevin: I can't tell you an amount in time, but a good 95% of the stuff we do has a web component that goes along with it, through either videos, podcasting, pictures, or blogs.

Harmon: Anybody ever call and say, loving your HD channel?

Kevin: What's an HD channel?

Harmon: What else can Bitboard do for you?

Kevin: Laundry!

Harmon: Best idea you used from Bitboard?

Kevin: Networking with the geniuses that make up the service!

Harmon: Has your show gotten a chance to check out Daily Dose on Bitboard?

Kevin: Yes! I love it!!!

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