In the spotlight....

"That Guy" Kramer with Holly, Miguel and Mandy

Island 106

Panama City, FL

Interviewed by Steve Harmon

Harmon: They share one big room at BFD ... and we all fell in love with this show the second they showed up.. THAT GUY KRAMER Panama City Florida!

Harmonious: How many on the show and how long?

Holly:  We've been a unit of 4 for about a year. Before Mandy came on board full time, Kramer, Miguel and I had been together since 2008.

Miguel: Kramer came down to Panama City in August of 07. Holly made the trek down from Ohio in December of '07. I came along 8 months late in July '08. Seems like we've been doing this for 20 years sometimes!


Harmonious: As each cast member changes, gets married for does the show change with it?

Kramer It gives us SOO much more content! We really like to explore (exploit) big life changes. When Holly got married, we didn't have to plan a show for 3 months!

Holly:  As each member is going through some life-changing event, we talk about it and get a raw emotional response from their character. Actually, each person's character changes a bit with every life event so we are slowly but consistently evolving. That person adds another feather to their cap; Holly can now speak as a married woman, etc.

Miguel:  I think it adds a deeper connection with listeners. We have literally grown up on the radio in Panama City. When all of us got here we were all single. Now Kramer and Holly are married (not to each other!!!!) and the listeners have gotten to go through these very life changing experiences with us. Through each of these major life events, we learned how to truly open our lives up on the air and be ourselves. They've seen me struggle with being gay and single and my insecurities in trying to find a partner and going through a very painful breakup. I think the show has really matured in the last 4 years.


Harmonious: One person is in a bad mood, the rest of you <do what to him/her?>

Kramer (I am the only one that gets in a bad mood, so I'll be curious how the answer this one...)

Holly:  Give them some space to cool off. If one person is in a bad mood it tends to bring the whole room down, so the rest of us will slowly try to lighten the mood with jokes or self-deprecating humor.

Miguel:  Depends on how deep the bad mood is. Most of us are good at checking it at the door and coming in with a positive attitude. Our show is so fast paced you can't help but forget about why you were in a bad mood and lighten up!


Harmonious: Cool things about your market?

Kramer 6 weeks of college co-eds with nothing better to do than drink and give you AMAZING audio!

Holly:  Spring Break! We have the unique opportunity of living through a month of partying co-eds, so it makes for some fantastic content.

Miguel:  The month of March is practically a big ole' booty shaking/wet t-shirt contest. It's college spring break and the town just comes alive. We get a lot of fun street audio for locals to be able to make fun of spring breakers!


Harmonious: Show you think had an influence on your style?

Kramer Bert was the first person that made me realize this is what I really wanted to do as I was growing up in Atlanta. But after meeting him, he was WAY shorter than I expected... But I can still remember to listening to Steve and Vicki as my mom drove me to school!

Holly:  LeeAnn Sommers! She did mornings on "Jammin' 92.3" in Cleveland in the early 90's. She's back in Cleveland on WGAR and I recently got to chat with her via facebook. She was really sweet! And I probably came off as one of those creepy radio stalkers


Harmonious: What's your biggest challenge?

Miguel:  Balancing life. I've been so focused on my radio career that sometimes I forget that I am 25 and am supposed to stop and smell the roses. I'm learning that you don't have to always complete EVERY task by the end of the day. You can stop, enjoy life and finish that project tomorrow.

Kramer Waking up at 3:45. Period. For all of you that told me it never gets easier, you were right! I would say it's also really hard to work with your friends at time! I love the 3 members of this show so much, but like anyone you love, they drive you crazy some time! But I think that's also our biggest strength too. If this show ever ends, they will still be my best 3 friends forever!

Holly:  Just being so close to people you work with. The line of co-worker & friend is nearly non-existent. We're like a family or a marriage; we fight and we make up and we do it all over again the next week.


Harmonious: What time do you get into the studio?

Kramer On a good day, 4:45. Bad day, well, I've only missed first break once!

Holly:  4:45 but that takes energy!!

Miguel:  5:15-5:30


Harmonious: How much web work do you do for the show?

Kramer Since our company doesn't sell our site, we do most of our web work on Facebook because each "like" keeps them connected with our show! We probably post 50 things on our page per show. Original videos, polls, content, contests, links...our phone screener doubles as our social media girl, so she stays very busy!

Miguel:  If I sat down and counted all the hours, I'm sure it would end up being a part-time job. I update small stuff on the website and edit the show down every morning to put up the podcast. A major web portion is the social networking aspect. We get a lot of ideas and guests from mining through Facebook every day. That ends up being a couple of hours every night.

Holly:  A ton. Not as much as some of the other show members, but if we're not keeping our online content fresh every day we're losing the battle.


Harmonious: Did you know Philip's Daily Dose includes videos for your website?

Holly:  Yes! Although it seems like we just realized this year that the Daily Dose is SO content-rich.

Kramer YES! See above! Great to tease what's on the Facebook page!

Miguel:   And THANK HIM a million times over for that special part of this service! :)

<<PHILIP NOTE: WOOT!!  Thanks guys!!>>


Harmonious: How many promos a day and who decides what runs?

Holly:  We create 2 show promos that rotate once an hour all day. We also run quick :10 liners that we insert between songs about 3 times an hour. Kramer voices them and decides what runs, but one of the show promos is a "replay" of something funny that any one of us can decide on.

Miguel:  I can't do math, but every hour we have a promo spot. It runs two cuts we update every weekday. One pushing towards the next day's show and the other we call a 'funny haha' from the show. Sometimes those are hard to find....YIKES!


Harmonious: Has your prep changed as the show grows?

Holly:  It seems like our prep multiplied like rabbits! We started out just using The Complete Sheet & BitBoard, but have added two additional prep services, multiple sources for audio, and we are constantly checking out online media for breaking news.

Kramer We started with Bitboard and it still remains our most valuable tool! No prep service will be able to create the quality content like the people who actually sit behind the mic and craft it! <3 Bitboard Team Rules!>

Miguel:   Wow. We went from just throwing a bunch of stuff together each day to being really focused to being really focused and going with the flow. It's truly been an evolution. God Bless Holly and Kramer. They get there 45 minutes before I do to prep the Entertainment and News every morning. Throughout the day we text each other and have post show meetings every day. We have really grown to make our prepping second nature


Harmonious: If you are not PPM are you getting ready in some way?

Miguel:  YES! Over the past year in working with Randy Lane and Angela Perelli we have really honed in how to extract the best of the BS and get to the pure concrete of what we are trying to convey. Without even telling us they were prepping us for PPM, they have. Thank God for them!

Kramer Tease! Tease! Tease! Working hard on horizontal content, and pattern disruption with audio!

Holly:  Umm....we listen intently and take notes when we're at PPM presentations?! <There are sooooooo many viewpoints.>


Harmonious: Changes or tweaks for Bitboard you might like

Miguel:  Hmmm...I may just be a bit dense, but maybe if the searching of the archives was a bit easier to navigate. But I really could just be missing something.

Kramer Full frontal nudity.

Holly:  None that come to mind instantly, and that is a great thing.

<<PHILIP NOTE: Miguel, you are right.  Our search engine SUCKS!!!  If you're ever looking for something specific, drop us a line.  Between Lisa, Erica and myself, we are on here about 18 hours a day, and we are happy to help you look.

My email:

Lisa's email:

Erica's email: >>


Harmon: The best BitBoard bit we ever tried was.....

Miguel:  Having to do a boudoir photo shoot after losing a consequence. That was bad, but then we took the twist Ace & TJ did and POSTED the pictures on a damn billboard. Everyone saw my fat ass, MAN BOOBS AND ALL, on several billboards in PC. That was best and most humiliating thing I've had to do since I've been in radio. Lord. People still ask me about that.

Holly:  Ace & TJ's "Poker" series. Our listeners embraced it immediately, and we revive it every so often in various forms.

Kramer Also love their "What does SUPERMAN THAT HO mean" sticks out! But listen, if Bert ever posts a bit about a listener e-mail about leaving a baby at home alone with a phone in the crib while the mom listens in on her cell, be prepared to welcome the sheriffs department (6 of them) in your studio! hahahah! (Wasn't funny then!)


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