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Jim Mantel


Interviewed by Steve Harmon

Harmon: Jim Mantel .. WGAR CLEVELAND .. voted Most Unique Radio Personality .. and the guy most Bitkickers <channel 3> love to see sit next to Harmon at BFD for the loud, Italian style shouting. On air he is a funny guy with a warm heart .. ok I made that up. It's the mistake by the lakes .. Jim Mantel in the spotlight:

Mantel: Thanks Harmon and bite me!

Pet Peeve:

Mantel: people who call it a "hot water heater." You don't heat HOT's already HOT


Harmon: Most annoying person:

Mantel: ME, when I start ranting about hot water heaters!


Harmon: If I were good enough to play professional sports Id play:

Mantel:  Soccer


Harmon: Whats the worst job youve ever had:

Mantel: Machinist.. spent more time in the bathroom avoiding work than actually working


Harmon: If I could be anyone other than myself Id be:

Mantel:  My boss, so I could give Mantel a raise! (or who ever is sleeping with J-lo next)


Harmon: Give us a list of your favorite cds of all time:
(not in any order)

Monte Montgomery 1st and repair
Everything by Keb Mo
REO speedwagon you can tune a piano
Jerry Jeff Walker Live at Gruene hall
The first Journey disc
Willie's red headed stranger
Vince Gill's High Lonesome Sound
Everything Delbert McClinton has ever done


Harmon: Where does most of your show content inspiration come from?

Mantel: Shelby Lynne's Temptation
Patty Loveless Mountain Soul


Harmon: My worst habit is:

Mantel: biting my nails


Harmon: What show on Bitboard is mostly to "break big" in the next year or two?

Mantel: I think it's time for Chad Austin to get the hell out of Pougkipsie (or however you spell it)  His stuff in consistently better than a town no one can spell, deserves!


Harmon: Who on your show is on your last nerve?

Mantel: Thanks to consolidation it's just me and a newsperson.. flip a coin


Harmon: We would be surprised to know you.....what?

Mantel: I am a sucker for a good telemarketer


Harmon: Is there any pleasing a PD, or are they doomed to always think all breaks all morning long could always be better?

Mantel: You CAN please a PD.. don't do that bit, just play another song..they'll be happy, your ratings will suck and they will fire you...making them even HAPPIER


Harmon: Favorite Interview?

Mantel: Dave Barry


Harmon: Interview the rest of us on bitboard should avoid?

Mantel: National Audit Defense Network.. I almost got on a plane to go find that Jonas guy and beat the crap out of him... NEVER have those people on.. it's a scam (also never bet on the little league world series with a station that is less than 100 miles from Cuba!)



Harmon: are you happy?  

Mantel: Yes, I am a lucky guy.. great wife and kids and friends.. oh, and then there's you ya bastard  

<ahhhhh  my man Mantel  harmon>

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