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In the spotlight....

Matt, Cherish & Jay
The Morning Guys


Interviewed by Steve Harmon

Harmon: Hello my friends..lets get started.  What is your on air name?
Matt: Matt McCoy.
Jay: Jay Hasting.
Cherish: Cherish Lombard.
Harmon: What shift do y'all work?
All: 5:30 AM (ish) - 10:00AM, Monday through Friday.
Harmon: Where were you born?
Matt: I was born in Princeton, NJ, but I grew up in a little town just North of Pittsburgh called Beaver...yeah, I know. I've heard them ALL before
Jay: Chattanooga, TN, but I grew up in Ider, AL.
Cherish: Mobile Infirmary, right here in Mobile.
Harmon: What is your favorite song of all time?
Matt: It's a toss up. Either "Time of Your Life (Good Riddance)"-Green Day, OR "I'll Be"-Edwin Mc Cain, because it reminds me of my fiance' Sherry.
Jay: Bar none it's gotta be "Here Without You"-3 Doors Down.
Cherish: My favorite song really changes from week to week. If I had to pick one it'd be "With You"-Jessica Simpson. It's my ring tone and it makes me think of my boyfriend, Nick.
Harmon: What kind of car do you drive?
Matt: A Dodge Ram 1500 Extended Cab Pick Up Truck.
Jay: I'm a Ford man! I've got a Ford Ranger Pick Up Truck AND a 1966 Ford Mustang.
Cherish: A Honda Accord.
Harmon: What was your worst job ever?
Matt: I once spent an entire summer digging out the sludge pit at Col-Fin Specialty Steel Corporation.
Jay: Pumping gas, and manning the register at a convenience store.
Cherish: I've only had three jobs, and so far I've loved all of them!
Harmon: What's your biggest fear?
Matt: Clowns. I hate em. It's as simple as that. Or maybe Dayna. She frightens me too!
Jay: Not having anything to do.
Cherish: Midgets and heights.
Harmon: Do you have a fondest childhood memory?
Matt: Sitting at the kitchen table with my Pop Pop, eating balogna & cheese sandwiches, while playing with plastic army men, and listening to him tell stories about WWII.
Jay: The last vacation I took with my parents. Oddly enough, we came to Mobile and toured the Battleship.
Cherish: Days at the beach with my mother and father.
Harmon: What would you consider to be you most prized possession?
Matt: My two basset hounds, Katie and Ginger. They make me laugh until I cry.
Jay: My lap top computer. My wife, Sandra claims that it's "the other woman" in our marriage!
Cherish: I don't think I have just one prized possession. I value everything that I have.
Harmon: Do you have a favorite snack food?
Matt: Yes, ALL OF THEM! No, if I had to pick it's be Snicker's Snack Crunchers. They're like crack.
Jay: Girl Scout Cookies. I don't care what flavor, just bring me the box baby.
Cherish: I try to keep it to grapes and strawberries, but I'm a sucker for ANYTHING chocolate!
Harmon: Who are your personal heroes?
Matt: Actor Harrison Ford, author Robert Fulghum, and first and foremost, my mom and dad.
Jay: Our U.S. Military, General George S. Patton, and of course, coach Paul Bear Bryant.
Cherish: Most definitely my mother.
Harmon: Do you have a hidden talent?
Matt: I can actually talk with my mouth completely shut.
Jay: I can sing, very badly, in the shower.
Cherish: Wouldn't you like to know!
Harmon: I'm better than anyone else at...?
Matt: Making myself look like a total idiot every day. Oh yeah, and the goalie position at Fooseball. Wanna play? Bring it!
Jay: I think it'd have to be listening and solving other people's problems.
Cherish: I refuse to answer that question.
Harmon: My fantasy is...?
Matt: Being stranded on a deserted tropical island with either Jewel or Jessica Simpson.
Jay: Hit a 21 million dollar Florida Lottery!
Cherish: To be the next Salma Hyack or Catherine Zeta Jones.
Harmon: What's the one thing that you will never tell your parents?
Matt: I once set fire to our living room couch.
Jay: I  snuck out my bedroom window, partied all night, and was able to slip back in before my parents woke up!
Cherish: Who me? I was, and still am, a total angel.
Harmon: What would be the three words that best describe you?
Matt: Loud, spontaneous, and someone once called me gregarious...and after I looked it up, I had to agree.
Jay: Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder.
Cherish: Passionate, optimistic, devoted, benevolent, alluring, witty, assiduous, high spirited...
(Matt & Jay interrupt laughing) "Hey they said THREE words!"
Cherish: I know, I just don't think I can describe myself in three words!
Harmon: Final question.  If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Matt: Invisibility, hands down. Do you have any idea how much TROUBLE you could cause if no one could see you? WAHOOOOOOOO!
Jay: I would love the power to stop time.
Cherish: I need two.
Matt & Jay: Oh here we go again (laughing)
Cherish: Just hold on now. I want the power to read people's minds, AND the power to turn whoever I want to into a goat!

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