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In the spotlight....

Mike and Kate

Interviewed by Steve Harmon


Harmon: Describe your cast and members..

Kate: Mike Kasper Ėhost. 44 and married with 7 kids. Addicted to playing poker.
Kate McGwire-host Single and 30 with a dog that is mistaken as her boyfriend because she talks about him so much on the air.
Tommy Ėproducer. Married and a Star Wars geek
Claire Day-traffic reporter. Married for one year.


Harmon: How long together?

Kate: 5 years

Mike: 5 and a half long years........


Harmon: Ahhh the sound of team work! How do you keep it together on days when the show seems to be going nowhere?

Kate: We have a ton of show prep. Mike and I are always prepared in that sense. But I can drive myself insane sometimes. If the show seems to be having an off day I can get pretty stressed about that. But then I just have to pull myself out of it, get out of my head and just be myself. We have our best shows when the spontaneity takes over. Relax and have fun.

Mike: Actually we don't really have those days. We prep separately and together for each show, the day before the show, so we both have a rough idea of what is going to happen on each show.....A lot of times something else will come up overnight or during the morning and we'll end up going a hole different direction, but we are prepared if that doesn't happen


Harmon: Radio in 2007..changes? New? Gone for good are .... ?

Kate: I donít see terrestrial radio going anywhere anytime soon. There will be lots of changes with us. Gone for good is Clear Channel Boise. We are the first on the list of Clear Channel markets to be sold. It could be good, it could be bad. This will be my first radio sale, so all is new to me.

Mike: Don't know what the future holds, but the old adage is true, the only constant in radio is change. I think you're seeing that Satellite radio isn't taking off like everyone expected, at least as quick as everyone expected. Kids aren't buying into it......ipods are still the thing to have and spend money on, instead of Satellite. It wouldn't surprise me to see some sort of consolidation in satellite radio over the next few years.......As for ipods, it sure looks like Apple has a lock on the market for now. I have 7 kids, and none of them wanted anything other than and ipod for mass. It didn't matter if something else was better or hipper or held more music......they didn't want anything other than an ipod.


Harmon: What's the worst job you've ever had outside of radio that reminded you what spoiled moneymakers we can be?

Kate: One summer when I was interning at Entertainment Tonight in LA I worked at a coffee hut in the mall. It was awful! People are so mean about their coffee. If you donít get that dollop of whip cream just right, someone is going to pay!

Mike: I've done phone solicitation, and although I was pretty good at it, the job itself was miserable. I was born and raised on a farm and grew up on a ranch, where I got to haul hay, pick rock and shovel cow and pig manure, so trust me, I realize how great a job that I have.......but don't tell anyone that we actually make any money.


Harmon: At ten o'clock, how do you know it was a good show?

Kate: I can feel it. The time flew by. I had a blast and feel energized. Also, I wasnít able to do any online shopping during the show!

Mike: If nobody died, I'm still married and we still have a job, then it was a good show.


Harmon: What's your biggest challenge day to day?

Kate: Checking my stuff at the door. I have a tendency to let the outside stress in when I am on the show. If I can leave it until 10 then the show goes much better. I donít have as thick of skin as Mike does. He would prefer it if I didnít read my e-mails until after the show.

Mike: Kate really, finding time to mix family, work and social life is really hard sometimes. I've found though, that when all are mixing well, and you're not so busy all the time that you get burned out, that we really have some of our best shows, because there is so much going on, and so many ways that we can relate to our audience


Harmon: Give an example of a day you "owned the market".

Kate: This may sound silly, but a few weeks ago I went home to Denver to see my family. My brother was graduating from college. I love my family, but it is easier to love them from Boise. I hadnít seen some of them for 5 years. It was rough weekend. My sister and I are still not speaking. I can home in shambles and drained from all the dysfunction. I talked about it on the air. I made sure it wasnít depressing sounding, but made fun of me and my crazy family. After the show I felt like I had been through a therapy session. I was worried I said too much about my family problems. That day, everywhere I went someone made a comment about how great the show was and how they could relate. The dry cleaners loved it. My mailman even said something. Mike was at the butcher shop and they said they couldnít turn the show off. The next day I came to work to a ton of e-mails from people who said they could totally relate. One lady even e-mailed me and wanted to know the rest of one story because she had to go into work and missed it. Mike has always told me, anyone can copy our games and stunts, but no one can copy being me.


Harmon: Do you find results in ratings from your Internet work?

Kate: I am guessing you are talking about websites for the station and not doing show prep on the net?
We see web hits, but does it really affect the ratings? I would say no. The biggest, most important feature we have on our site is our pictures page and when we post videos of us or have the camera on in the studio. We get so many hits from that. People just want to see what we are talking about. We also do a Hot Mom Contest each May and post all the pictures on line for listeners to look at and vote for the hottest mom. Our web hits go through the roof.

Mike:  ........ NO, it's just another tool, another of the 100 different little things that can enhance your show, but I don't believe I've run into anyone whoís ever started listening or listened more because of the internet.


Harmon: Person on your last nerve?

Kate: Today itís our webmaster, but most days itís Mike. And that is a good thing to me. We are so close that we drive each other nuts. He evokes my strongest emotions on both sides of the spectrum. If I was indifferent to him then we would have a problem on the show. But there are days that he is so great and days I want to kill him. I know he feels the same about me. That is what makes our show real. We share all that with the listeners and they love it.

Mike:  .........Kate McGwire.........oh, did I say that already? .........just kidding.


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