In the spotlight....

Mike & Kate in the Morning

Mike Kasper and Kate McGwire
KCIX / Mix 106
Boise, Idaho 
Interviewed by Steve Harmon
Harmonious:  How about some background on the show? KateWe've been together 12 years this summer ... worked together at Mix 106 for the last 11. I’ve been in radio 17 years total.

Mike:  I have been here in Boise since 1990. KF-95 for 2 years, then Magic 93.1 for 10 years and then here at Mix 106 since 2002.


Harmonious:  Do you have any Bitboard favorites? KateWe have used Dwyer and Michaels' Concert Commandments for the last 12 years and it never gets old. We also love Ace and TJ’s Bad Boyfriend Poker


Harmonious:  Do you enjoy your job? What would you do in life if money was not a constraint? Mike I would be doing this job.  I have been doing this since I was in College, and I can’t picture myself doing anything else……I am one of the few people my age that I know who are doing the same thing that they actually went to college for.

KateI love my job! When I was in college I wanted to be a writer because I had all these crazies stories from my life to share and then I stumbled into radio and realized I didn’t have to write my stories, I could tell them. It’s amazing how a story about hugging an Otter and getting hives from it that later ruined a first date seems comical to our 12 listeners. But hey, they keep putting money in my account every two weeks so I must be doing something right…I hope!


Harmonious:  Are you a morning person for real? Mike:  I am such a night person….When I go on vacation, I am so lucky that I am able to turn off my internal alarm clock and sleep in. If I didn’t get up at 4am for my radio gig and worked for myself, I would stay awake till 2 or 3 in the morning and sleep till noon every day.

KateI am a morning person. I don’t drink coffee and I can’t stay awake past 10 o’clock at night! Even on the weekend I get up early. I think it’s a crime to waste the whole day sleeping. Seize the day! Yes you can punch me in the face.


Harmonious:  Any radio people you are a fan of or role model?   Mike:  Not really any role models, but I had a lot of people that I enjoyed listening to early in my career. I worked at KWIN in Stockton, Ca. during the final years of KFRC, and I loved listening to that line up of talent like Dr. Don, and the Slim one….. I grew up in Northern Idaho and all the local stations signed off at midnight. I can remember waking up at 5:00 in the morning to go to Football practice in the fall and since KFRC was a 50 thousand watt clear channel AM station, I could pick them up and listen on my way to football….I loved that station. I loved listening to tapes of L.A. boss jocks too, like Charlie Tuna and Jackson Armstrong etc. And of course since he was born and raised here in Caldwell Idaho, the legendary Larry Lujack. When Mix was owned by Clear Channel he would come here to visit his mom from time to time and would do his show out of our studios in the building, so I had the honor to meet him once. I’m sure it made a great impression on his life and career….I’m sure it was great to meet me…..ole what’s his name.

KateAs if their heads aren’t big enough…Dwyer and Michaels. HA!  Mike and I took their philosophy of marry your market and so far it seems to be going well. Plus I get all my hairstyle techniques from Dwyer. Mentors…there are too many to count. Harmon you are one. Thanks for talking me off the ledge one too many times. Jeff Cochran (PD with CC in Salt Lake). Kramer, Holly and Miguel. Corey Foley and I are kindred spirits crossing in the night. Xoxo!!


Harmonious:  Does your show contribute to any charity? Is it a show charity you work with exclusively? MikeWe contribute to various charities through out the year.  We don’t have any exclusive charities, but we do have a couple that we do work with closely every year. We do a Radiothon every year in August for the Food bank…it is something we started last year and in one day raised over $75,000 in cash. It’s not the first work we’ve done with the food bank….Kate lived on top of a semi for a week one December, and we helped gather 5 semi loads of food.

Kate The Idaho Foodbank -  I can’t comprehend a child going to bed hungry and not knowing where their next meal will come from. I lived on top of a semi for five days hoping to fill a semi with food for the foodbank. We filled 5 trucks. Now we do a full day broadcast each August raising money for the backpack program with the Idaho Foodbank. Each Friday kids who qualify get a backpack full of food to get them through the weekend. I also work very close with the Canyon County Animal Shelter. I have a feature called Kate’s Kritters in which I feature a dog each week. At Christmas I do the 12 Strays of Christmas. Then each December we do Mike and Kate’s Christmas Elves. Mike and I dress up and deliver stockings to the kids at the Children’s hospital. The stockings are filled and put together by our listeners.

We also gather and deliver toys to the St Luke’s Children’s hospital pediatric ward every year at Christmas. We have had a long running relationship with the hospital ever since a teenager with terminal cancer called us on-air about 6 years ago. He had tickets to see BSU play Oregon and he was too sick to go, so he wanted to have us sell the tickets on air and give the money to the Hospital. His wish was for the hospital to one day have a teen room for the older kids who were at the hospital to have some place to go and play video games or hang out with kids their own age. We raised over $3000 that day from people who would buy the tickets and then donate them again to resell. BSU won that game that day and by the way, it’s the last time that Oregon has lost at home. Less than 5 months later that young man had passed away from cancer and 3 years later after help from our listeners over $80,000 was raised and that teen room became a reality…all because of one phone call from a very unselfish young man with a vision.

(Philip - VERY touching and cool story)


Harmonious:  If you won a million dollars in a lottery, what would you do with it? MikeA million dollars really wouldn’t change my life a whole lot….I might spend a little on myself. Maybe play in The World Series of Poker, but I’m married with 7 kids for cripes sake, so after taxes, paying off all my bills and paying a lawyer to make sure my ex-wife didn’t come looking for even more money, there really wouldn’t be much left.

Kate If I won a million dollars I would pay off all my bills. I would pay off all my family’s bills so they will stop bitching to me and then I would take the $5 that was left and play the lotto again. I play every single week. I feel it in my bones that I am going to win. But I have a feeling it’s going to be more than $1 million.



Harmonious:  Would you show up the next morning to do your show? MikeMaybe not the next morning….might have a real bad hangover, but yes I would come back to work….Kate would miss me too much

Kate If I won a huge jackpot I would come in to work for the next 179 days not saying a word to anyone about my new money.


Harmonious:  What would you then do for a living? Kate:  If money was not an issue I would sell this juice that makes you healthier, stronger and skinnier! I would ask my friends out for drinks and then I would ambush them with my juice and make the whole meeting really awkward. I would tell them that the more people they get to buy stuff, the richer we will all be and then on top of that, they won’t have anymore joint pain! It’s not a pyramid, the plan just has three legs that meet at one point. Unfortunately that is just the dream of a small town girl.


Harmonious:  If you had the power to just utter a word and kill someone - no one would find out and you would not be charged with a crime, who would you kill and why? Is it a show member? MikeWow, what a wasted super power….I can’t even imagine hating someone so much that you would want to have them killed. With that being said, if you could let me change something about their looks to make them look really goofy for the rest of their lives…such as a nose 3 times normal size, or one ear twice as big as the other, now you would be talking….I would have a long list for that, starting with some of my family.

Kate I am Catholic. Even if I would never get caught and no one would know, I would know and some how my crazy Catholic mother would find out and the guilt of that would eat me alive. So it’s just not worth it to kill Mike. I will just put up with him for another 12 years.



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