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Mojo in the Morning
front row l to r:  Sara, Mojo, Spike |  back row l to r:  Eric, Chad
by Chad Mitchell

How do you decide what topics and bits get on the air?

Most importantly, I don't fly solo.  Our efforts are a group one.  We communicate real well with one another as to what we like and dislike.  There are no egos.  A lot of what makes it to air are personal experiences and reactions to the news.  Actually, overall, I think more ideas get shot down than make it to air.  But, luckily, neither Mojo, Spike, Sara, Eric or myself take it personally.

How do you feel about "benchmarks" these days? 

Great question!  We just celebrated our one year anniversary.  Mojo came from Tucson and carried a lot of his benchmarks with him.  So, a good percentage of those still exist after a year.  However, in my experience I've learned that benchmarks bore the consistent listener.   By that, I mean, most people go to work or take their kids to school at the same time each day.  If all they hear is that benchmark, assuming it's a daily one, they view the show as a "one trick pony."  We've been able to overcome that situation by making our benchmarks tie into particular days of the week (i.e. Confession Wednesday).  Spreading it out is always a good thing...which applies to morning radio as well!

What's your best contract perk and what contract perk will you go for next time?

I would have to say vacation time.  I insisted on at least three weeks time off going in.  Doing what we do THE RIGHT WAY guarantees burn out.  It's not too much to ask to play back the "best of" while catching one's breath outside of the book.  Most listeners didn't hear those "best of" moments the first time around anyway.  If management says no, buy some fire bombs & get their home addresses from your human resources department!

Mojo & I had a chance to watch Survivor 2 last week w/ contestants Keith Famie & Michael Skupin. 

My next brainstorm involves a consistent show budget that doesn't require approval to buy some new pencils.  Oh yeah, it must accrue in the event we don't find time to spend all the money by the end of each month.

What was your most personal revelation made on the air?

No matter how hard I try, I'll never do everything I want to do.  We all compiled our own "Top 10 Things I Want To Do Before I Die" list & talked about them on the air.  Here's mine:

  1. Live somewhere that's warm year-round
  2. Visit Australia
  3. Write & publish a book of my adventures...this would be a best seller
  4. Sing a complete concert of cover songs
  5. Watch the NBA Finals from the Caesars Palace Sports Book in Vegas
  6. See Michael Jackson live in concert
  7. Dramatically change someone's life (for the better)
  8. Visit Germany for Oktoberfest
  9. Take a 50-state road trip
  10. Run another marathon

I'm bound to fail.  Michael Jackson's getting freakier daily & probably won't tour again.  Plus, Hawaii's is hard to drive to!

"The best BitBoard bit we ever used was....."

Nude With Another Dude:  For front row N'Sync tickets, we had 2 straight guys get buck naked and spend five full minutes of "special time" with one another in ONE sleeping bag.  I am a changed man for witnessing it.

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