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In the spotlight....

Moon & Staci

Interviewed by Steve Harmon

So, the question you might ask as you roll our of bed at 4 a.m. Is it possible to do a PERSONALITY SHOW in afternoons .. sure it is, if the station has the vision...who better to talk about that than our longtime friend Larry Moon, now found in Minneapolis. My favorite quote on the weather change from Houston to his home now in Minneapolis.. "Its so cold your snot freezes to your face before you can get your key in the car lock!"


Harmon:  Tell me how you found each other and came together on air. .  

Staci:  We got really lucky. I had been harassing the PD for about a year looking to get into the Minneapolis market. I was working at a medium market country station about an hour away from Minneapolis doing mornings and Moon was way down in Texas. I ended up meeting Moon over the phone and through emails.  He seemed like a nice guy but they all do when they're looking for a gig!  Luckily, he is a good egg. Our PD took a chance that we would be good together.

Moon:  I had been doing mornings at KHMX in Houston for 9 years, and after losing my 3rd partner, rather than put me with a 4th, they decided to start a new show.  I had other markets interested, but KS95 was such a heritage property, with stable ownership, I knew that's where I should go.  They had been talking with Staci for about a year, and my PD, Leighton Peck introduced us on the phone.  We emailed each other, and tried to see if it was a good match.  I think we both had doubts, but after 3 years together, I couldn't be happier.  Staci is one of the most gifted people I've worked with.  She's both smart, and funny ... which makes up for my stupidity.

Harmon: What time do you get to the studio?

Staci:  1:30 or a little earlier.  Almost all show prep is done at home so there isn't usually much to do but bug the office people up until show time.

Moon: I like walking in 5 minutes to air, but they require me to be here 30 minutes early.  Since we do afternoons 2-7pm, that means 1:30pm.  After getting up at 3AM for over a decade, it's a great schedule..

Harmon:  Tell us a little about you and your cast.

Moon:  We do the classic Dick, the Dork, and the Dear routine.. I'm the dorky married dad, Staci is the smart female without kids, who is a dear, and our producer Keith Clifton is the dick. It suits him.

Staci:  Moon told you about the Dick, the Dork and the Dear.  Keith is our amazing producer.  He can do 10 things at once and still hit the post with the sweepers.  He gets a little bossy sometimes but he's trying to keep our creaky little ship afloat.  Moon is a beautiful, funny, disastrous man.   He can make you love him even though you are pulling your hair out.   Moon also has a million stories...and he'll tell you each and every one! 

Harmon:  What's your biggest challenge?   

Staci:  Being cool enough to keep the younger demo interested and "mature" enough to relate to the upper demo. Also, since I am childless it's hard for me to relate to the moms .. but I'm a good faker.

Moon:  Trying to steal audience on a Hot AC.   If we get too edgy, we lose.  If we get too wimpy, we lose.  And we share music with too many stations.  That's why I try to play as little as possible.

Harmon:  How do you know if it was a great show?   

Staci:  I never really know. People tell us how funny something we did was and I would think that it was weak.

Moon:  When we leave the building and think there could be people outside our building ready to either hug or shoot us...

Harmon:  How far in advance do you plan a show?

Staci:  I'm always banking ideas in my head just from life situations but to stay topical we usually go no more than 3 days in advance.

Moon: Usually 1 to 3 days. Stuff changes too fast to get too far ahead of yourself.

Harmon:  First week on the air in a new town you would... ?   

Moon:  Never try to be too funny, but worry more about being likeable.  I think it's great to ask listeners for help because you are totally lost.  Which after all my moves is truthful.  Talk about traffic, where to eat, and where to play.  It gives listeners a chance to brag on their home, and it gives you a chance to tell them for the next couple weeks how amazing it is to live there... Even if you hate it..

Harmon:  Real tense do you stop that?    

Staci:  With Moon I just come right out and ask what the deal is.  Then we have it out.  He's a reasonable guy so I'm never afraid to talk to him.

Moon:  Usually we know that the things that we disagree on need to be set aside quickly or the whole show will sound like ASS....  We also are smart enough to know that everyone has a bad day once in a while, and you gotta let it slide, cause next time, the pissed off one could be only takes a few words to screw up stuff for a long time.  Staci is level headed, and Keith tries to keep me in order.  I'm the most dysfunctional.   When I flip out about something, technical or otherwise , we try to just get through the show.  Then privately I ask Staci and Keith about how they are feeling, then I cave to whatever they want.

Harmon:  What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? 

Staci:  Well, I worked in North Dakota where it is scary cold but that's where I grew up so I didn't know it was bad until I got a taste of the good life in Minneapolis!  Other than that I worked in the shoe department at Kmart once.  That sucked.  I always got in trouble because people would steal the shoes and I didn't catch them. 

Moon:  KOGA, Ogallala Nebraska.  What the hell was I thinking.  Went to rehab shortly thereafter. 

Harmon:  Best part of your job?  

Staci:  I get paid for being myself.  And I don't have to get up at 4am to go to work anymore!

Moon: Not only do we do a morning show that we don't have to get out of bed to do, but it's just knowing that our company will support a team afternoon show with the same love and promotional money that a lot of morning shows would die to have.

Harmon:  What do you think was the best BitBoard bit you have used?

Staci:  "If it's ringing, you better be singing" for concert tickets.  Listeners had to be singing a Bon Jovi song when we picked up our phone lines and if it matches the song that we pre-selected they won tickets.  It was pretty funny to hear the bad singing and you knew the winner would be an excited fan.    

Moon: I have used so many, it's hard to say, but the "drive by date" got us on Oprah.  We had a fireman stand out on a street corner, and ended up meeting - and marrying - one of our listeners.  I'm a huge fan of Bitboard.   I panic every time I move thinking I may not be able to get back on.

Harmon:  Website you love to peek at for stuff?


Harmon:  Radio Pet Peeve 

Staci:  Prize pigs.

Moon:  The fact that too many talented young people will never get a shot like I did because of voice tracking.

Harmon:  What was "the day you owned the market"?

Staci:  I announced that I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was pretty emotional but I figured I'd better fess up since I would be out for a while.  People were very responsive and supportive.  Some listeners think all jocks are putting on a persona.  It was an incredible way to let them know that we are real people and what you hear is what you get.  There are so many other women battling so I think I provided some kinship and hope for others.

Moon: The day my partner announced she had breast cancer. It was one of the most moving things I have ever heard on radio.  People still talk about it.  And she beat it.  We now have the largest non-corporate team in the 3 largest race for the cure.  Over 50 thousand people last year.  Our team was nearly 500 strong.  And it was because Staci had enough courage to share her personal battle.

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