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In the spotlight....

Paul & Young Ron
Miami -

Interviewed by Steve Harmon

Harmon:  Tell me how you found each other and came together on air..

Paul:  I was a fired out of work DJ in Birmingham, Ala in 1989 and desperate to get back to Miami. I knew that mornings were wide open, because the heritage rock show in the market, Herman and McBean had been let go, and there was no Stern. The pd, Brian Krysz told me about this "stiff" doing news for the station, that turned out to be Ron, and how he thought we might have some chemistry. So, Brian made me actually jump through hoops to get the gig, he made me drive down from Alabama, and then said, "sorry, come back next week, don't have time". I was pissed, but I did. I met Ron, we all went for dinner and drinks, and by the time we were half way through dinner, we had everybody in the room cracking up.

Harmon:  Describe the show and cast. How long together? How you found each other...

Paul: I'd describe the show as 2 funny guys, hanging out on the radio, living the South Florida Lifestyle. A couple of guys you'd wanna have a few beers with. That attitude seems to work for us.

The show is me, and Ron. I drive the show as far as topics and flow, Ron handles the straight man, news man, weirdo role.


(EXECUTIVE): Tommy Owen. We stole him from Bob and Madison in Raleigh, and I hope they forgive us. He is brilliant, organized, "gets it" and has a funny southern accent that we get to make fun of. We sometimes call him Ham Steak.

(Associate): Jenners. Started out as an intern, and is a rising star in the business. He wanted to be a comedy writer for SNL, but we got him first.  Great bits, and a great sense of humor for a guy in his early 20s. He is in charge of all audio for the show.

Harmon:  How long in your market?.

Paul:  I am lucky, I grew up here and have been on the radio in Miami since 1984, I left for a few years in 86 and came back at the end of 89, when Ron and I hooked up. This is our 15th year together. He was a lot younger then.

Harmon:  What time do you get to the studio?

Paul:  I make sure I am at my desk at 5 am. Ron does his news prep at home and slides in around 5:30. Jenners is here at 4, and Tommy has a home office and does his morning prep from his house.

Harmon:  Do you eat during the show?

Paul:  My freaking weight is always an issue. I knew you'd bring it up.  YES, I eat during the show, and it's brutal, since we are all talk, I have to play a parody song to shove down an egg white omelet or a Steak.


Harmon:  You recently switched dial positions .. was it a nightmare or smooth?

Paul: The negotiations were a nightmare. They wanted us to leave a heritage station that we had been at for a decade to come over to the station that Howard was on. We wanted some assurances, that our audience would know where to find us. We knew it was the right move, I will be 45 next week (just in time for gifts at BFD!) and Ron is almost 70. (Ok, 49!), we were on an alternative station. There comes a time where you don't want to be the oldest guy at the party. We were headed in that direction. When we moved to the classic Rock station, our audience was thrilled. Bob Rivers, by the way,  you were right (he told me this would happen). Cool thing: We stayed in our studio! They moved the station for us!

Harmon:  Give an example of a day you "owned the market".

Paul:  There are some shows that we have done recently, where you got off the air and felt, "Damn that was good". One day last week: We pulled a stunt thanks to Dave Sposito and his great Brokaw bit, we got hung up on by Victoria Gotti, joked around with George Foreman, and spent an hour with comedian John Pinette. It was a helluva show. But as far as actually being everywhere: 2 years ago, when the Florida Marlins won their 2nd World Series, they were having a unique parade on the river, where all of the players arrived on boats. This culminated with the presentation of the WS trophy, Ron and I were the MC's for the event, and it was carried live by every single TV news station and every radio news and sports station. It bugged the crap out of everybody that we were hosting it. I really felt larger than life that day. By the way, the following week, I was offered a TV gig on the ABC affiliate! (true)

Harmon:  How do you use the internet in marketing your show?

Paul:  Listeners love a lot of the funny sound clips we use, and we make them available to them on . We also are selling our cd, Livin' in the Cone of Death, Vol 27 on the web, to make it somewhat easier for them to get.

Harmon:  What's your biggest challenge?

Paul:  We are a male targeted classic rock talk show, that has great female numbers. I know we need to talk about sports, and I do this constantly, the challenge is to make it funny and entertaining enough so that the women don't tune out!  That and getting thin for BFD.

 At ten o'clock or whenever you get off, how do you know it was a good show?

Paul: When it was an ok show, the interns will say, "good show" I will feel "all right" about it. When it's a "good" show, the sales geeks will be sniffing around, "good show buddy!"

 "The best BitBoard bit we ever tried was....."

Paul:  How can you answer that? I have been a card carrying Bitboard guy since it was Banana COM! How long is that, 10 years? I always liked the 3 eyed turtle bit, oh wait.,...that was mine!

Harmon:  Wish more people on Bitboard would....?

Paul: Come to the convention! There is nothing better. Pay for it yourself, it's a write off.

Harmon:  When the room's tense how do you break the tension?

Paul: I leave

 "I wouldn't miss BFD because..." 

Paul: I get to have breakfast with Harmon, see Lisa drunk and I once made out with Bill Michaels and TJ. Weird.

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