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skip mahaffey

What are you best known for in your market?

Boring as it sounds...we have the reputation for being the only place in town where every member of the family can listen. We are also known as the place to go when Tampa needs help. We're constantly finding lost dogs, helping families that were burned out of homes, sheriff's office, food banks, whenever someBODY needs help, we run to the rescue!

What was your most personal revelation made on the air?

I'm Batman. My audience knows that I had an alcoholic step-father who used to get drunk and beat up my mom and my sister. They also know I broke his jaw. I've shared almost every moment of my life on the air. My youngest was born on the air.

How much off-air interaction do you have with listeners on a weekly basis?

Weekly? How about daily! I make a point to personally respond to every listeners call or email. It's amazing to me how many people in this business don't understand the importance of being accessible. no, they don't have my cell number or know where I live but I have phone lines set-up where I can be reached anytime.

How do you decide what topics and bits get on the air?

The "G.A.S." factor. Simply put, everything we do has to move the needle on the G.A.S. Factor. You constantly have to ask yourself "Does anyBODY give a shit (G.A.S.) about this?" If there's any remote thought... it usually means noBODY does give a shit, out it goes. You've gotta keep your audience in mind all the time. If it's not something they care about, then blow it the music!

"The best BitBoard bit we ever used was....."

Hands down it has to be "Mr. Indestructible Microphone" I stole it from Dirk in Indiana. For some reason, this bit kills ONLY on Country radio. "Mim" as he's affectionately referred to, has his own fan club, web page and a non-profit organization dedicated to stopping the abuse of microphones. He's been shot, blown up, run over, drown, fed to sharks, leopards...he's been through car washes, blown away by a fire hose, abused by a pair of 4 year olds... it's the one bit that years later people remember every detail of a MIM adventure.

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