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steve harper
steve and maria

Long Island 
interviewed by Steve Harmon 

I have known Steve a very long time, he was friends with my brother Bob, before Bob was killed by a drunk driver. I appreciate his work, and the stuff he sent for 9-11 was incredible.

Harmon: Single? Married?

Harper:   Newly single.   

Harmon: Sorry to hear that.. Kids?

Harper: I have a 6 year old daughter, Allie. She's the special girl in my life.

Harmon: First radio job?

Harper:  I was 15 and the youngest doing PM drive in the country.  I got the gig at an AM, WYFA (which stood for WHERE YOUR FRIENDS, I didn't make that up). My mother had to drive me to the station after school every day! 

Harmon: Worst moment you can think of? 

Harper: The early mentioned WYFA. two weeks into my first radio gig. Live remote at a beach. Brand new expensive Marti in my hand.  Standing in three feet of water.  8 eight-year olds run and topple me into the water. But I still had a job the next day. Actually an extra job ... the bathrooms were much cleaner.  I was named Jock and Janitor to make up the lost Marti money.

Harmon: As long as I have known you you have been in Radio, ever work another job outside radio?

Harper: Never had one!  Born a radio geek!

Harmon: Do you have a nickname?

Harper:  Thruster.

Harmon: WOW! Me too!

Harper: Okay...I'm still waiting to be called that. My friends call me Harp.

Harmon: Your Bitboard reports for 911 were incredible, where were you, how did you handle it being so close?

Harper:  We had the mics on right after the first plane hit.  From that point on, we hardly shut them off for a week.  I could see the smoke a few miles from our studio.  We cancelled all commercials for a week.  I feel we really connected with our audience and helped each other to cope. It was the most rewarding part of my career.

Harmon: How long at WBLI?

Harper:  Just made the 21 year mark!

Harmon: When did you team up with Maria?

Harper: 3 years ago.  People listen and think we're married.

Harmon: Being so close to New York, who did you listen to growing up for inspiration?

Harper: 77 WABC, 66 WNBC, 955 WPLJ and when I was much young, 99 X with Jay Thomas.

Harmon: You are so successful on Long Island, would you ever consider another market?

Harper: Heck yeah...except that I just signed a new contract.  Things are great a BLI.  I've been there during the big 80's, when we trended down in the early 90's and now we're back on top in 2001!

Harmon: Best part of your show? 

Harper: We're real.

Harmon: Best Bit from Bitboard you wish you had thunk up yourself? 

Harper: WALKING NAKED. <walking a Dog named Naked> Been using it for years.  People think I made it up!

Harmon: What's wrong with Radio right now?

Harper: Talent needs to be respected.

Harmon: After 21 Years, what's still great about having a show today?

Harper: An instant, local, loyal connection with people.  9-11.  Perfect example.

Harmon:  Best radio show noBODY knows about yet?

Harper:   Not sure.  Gotta check old Bitboard reports! Seems each week someBODY has a spark and owns the board.

Harmon: Continued success, and thanks for letting my nieces and nephews call you for stupid prizes and not hanging up on them.

Harper: They are annoying, but they are your family so I let them down gently.

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