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In the spotlight....

Todd & Erin
Salt Lake City

Interviewed by Steve Harmon

I love Bitboard not just for the Bits and numbers, but for the actual people on this service. For Example Todd and Erin at B98.7 Salt Lake City.. I can't imagine a BFD without sitting with them at lunch and laughing .. dey crack me up..


Harmon:  Tell us a little about you and your cast.

Erin:  The cast: Hmmm.  We're pretty small in-studio, just Todd, me Erin, and producer Mike.  The real cast are the listeners ... people like Dead Body Denise, who's found 15 dead people as a P.I. or truck driver Rick, who calls us from all over the country ... you can see him and his truck in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith!"
Harmon: Since you two are married, how do you stop talking shop at home?
Erin:  Six or seven beers and we're not talking about anything.
Harmon:  What's your biggest challenge?
Todd:  We're for sale, so making do with no budget.

Harmon:  Who decides on a bit?
Erin:  Even if one of us doesn't believe in the bit, we go ahead and do it. Then, when it fails, "I told you so" is sooooo much sweeter!
Harmon:  How do you know if it was a great show?
Todd: My pants are off and my ass doesn't hurt.
Harmon:  What are you best known for in your market?
Erin:  Mobilizing the troops:  Brennan Hawkins' story is a good example.  Todd was the only media allowed at the rescue site, the rest of the press was held in a sort of media petting zoo three miles away.  A sheriff called in the next day and said "Everyone else wanted a story.  You were the only ones who were there to help."
Harmon:  How do you keep your show content fresh?
Todd:  We're motivated by spite.  It's not what you achieve, it's what you can take from others.

Harmon:  Real tense do you stop that?
Producer Mike:  Todd paces and Erin pouts.
Todd:  Producer Mike chain smokes.

Erin:  The advantage of being a married team is that we HAVE to make up, because we're going to want sex at some point.
Harmon:  Best part of your job?
Todd:  Getting to do something something different and cool every day--and look how we dress!
Harmon:  And the worst part of your job?
Todd:  Lying on the couch with one of our twins at 2am and feverishly calculating how much rest we can get before the show if the kid would just go back to sleep!

Harmon:  What do you think was the best BitBoard bit?
Todd:  Not just the bits so much as the reporters: Jay from Scott and Erica in Orlando is great for celebrity interviews ... Dwyer and Michaels are brilliant for weird story contacts ... Little Tommy just rules on everything.
Harmon:  What's your Suck bit of the Month?
Erin:  The "cigarettes for kids" program didn't really pan out like we hoped.
Harmon:  What was "the day you owned the market"?
Erin:  That was this last Tuesday.  Brennan Hawkins was the 11 year old who went missing in the Uintas.  On Father's Day, 3,000 people turned up to search for him, but the number dwindled to 600 on Monday.  Brennan's poor mom and dad were in despair ... so we sent Todd up to the search site in the mountains Tuesday morning with a satellite cell to push for volunteers and Erin downtown with an 18 wheeler to get supplies.  Our theme was "Bringing Brennan Home." By noon, we'd sent up two huge trailers full of water, sports drinks, bug spray, sunscreen, food, first aid kits and GPS units for the searchers.  2,000 volunteers searched the mountain, and Brennan was found that afternoon!  Mind you, we're not taking credit for Brennan, but what we do pretty well is mobilizing people ... everyone wants to help, you just need to show them how.  The press was funny -- got coverage from all the local stations, and we even had national coverage from 3 different outlets because everyone was desperate to cover something.
Harmon:  Thanks guys!  We all wish you continued success!  Lookin' forward to seeing you at the next BFD - wherever it may be!


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