Interested in a free trial of  Bitboard?
         "the nation's Best Prep Sharing Network"!!

Here's what Bitboard has to offer:

Bitboard is the largest sharing network of the most talented and creative morning shows in the country, with over 200 shows on 4 different market exclusive boards.

There are hundreds of pages of stunts, bits, phoners, interviews, celebrity contacts, and games in addition to the daily prep.  We also offer a Daily Planning Calendar with archived special event files, and phone contacts from 12 years of Bitboard reports.

As a member, you will also be eligible to attend our Members Only Spring Book Planning Conference (BFD) started by Bitboard's founder, Kidd Kraddick and now planned and hosted by several of Radio’s most successful morning hosts and producers! 

How do you get access to radio’s most creative minds??

Call us at (707) 669-0250  or contact Lisa Mulcahy
via email. Tell us you want a free two-week trial.  (At this time, Bitboard is only open to stations in the US and Canada)

During your trial, you'll have access to almost everything BitBoard has to offer. You can log in at anytime and get dozens of pages of ideas, bits, phoners, character defining bits, contest, games, stunts, listener letters and more!

All members are required to submit a weekly report.  A very simple e-mail of about 1 ˝ pages which recaps what your show did for the week.  Bit’s, stunts, promotions, phoners, interviews and anything else you did on your show. 

It’s time to join the Bitboard Family…..what are you waiting for?

Bitboard is a barter service available only to stations in the US.